Gallery 901

Traditional- Modern - Contemporary -- Sculpture

Open daily from 10 to 5

Or by appointment contact Sherry Ikeda to schedule a private showing at 559-304-7264.

We believe that fine art (its inspiration, creation, display, and distribution) is as important to our culture as music, dance, film, and literature. 

We believe that we must endeavor to maintain the relationship between fine artists, the brick and mortar galleries who represent them, and the collectors who patronize them, or we will begin to lose the very fiber of our culture, our neighborhoods, and, ultimately, our core values as a community.

 Our mission is to put a piece of original art in every home in America! 

Gallery 901          555  Canyon Road         Santa Fe, NM  87501      


Open daily from 10 to 5. Or by appointment contact Sherry Ikeda @ (559) 304-7264. Please note that we are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.