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Dan McDermott

My aim in making a sculpture is to create a form of the figure that is abstracted to some degree. While keeping to a figurative framework, I search for interesting ways to model it in the clay. I use an oil based clay which allows me time to work and rework the piece without the concern of the clay drying out as is the case with water-based clay. I try to minimize detail and look for long, fluid lines whenever possible.

In a “Mother and Child” bronze, for example, my aim is for the viewer to have not only an emotional response to the relationship portrayed, but in addition, an appreciation of the “sculptural” lines and form of the figures.

I generally finish the bronze castings with a very smooth surface, which I feel complements the simplicity of the form.

The patinas then are meticulously applied to the finished piece using heat and are finally sealed into the surface of the bronze using multiple hand-rubbed coats of wax.

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Open daily from 10 to 5. Or by appointment contact Sherry Ikeda @ (559) 304-7264. Please note that we are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.