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Fedor Zakharov (1919- 1994)

Born in 1919 in Smolensk region of the Ukraine, Fedor Zacharov studied at the Moscow Art Institute of V. Surikov. He became a consummate artist who was famous, respected and considered a master during his lifetime. He was named the People’s Artist of the Ukraine, given the laureate of the State Award of the Crimea, was the recipient of the T G Shevchenko State Award of the Ukraine and was awarded with two orders. His works are displayed in the best museums of the former Soviet Union. They have been exhibited in many foreign exhibitions, galleries and are in numerous private collections. Gallery 901 proudly represents works from his estate.

“Fedor is a deep and original Master. Acquaintance with his works will give moments of joy to art admirers all over the world”. Lesya Vladimirovna Tolstovka Deputy General Director of the Ukrainian National Art Museum, Kiev Ukraine and Art Critic. “Zacharov is no longer with us. But his art-the art of high and complicated spiritual exertion-will stay with us forever.” Valentin Bernadsky-National Painter of Ukraine and Russia “In Ukranian painting of the second part of the twentieth Century, Fedor Zacharov is obviously one of the most bright and significant masters.” V.A. Chepelik People’s Painter of Ukraine Laureate of the Ukranian State Prize of T G Shevchenko Chairman of the National Union of Ukranian Painters Professor “As the People’s Painter of Ukraine, Zacharov was a man of exceptional talent who left a noticeable trace in the Soviet culture of his time. He has become a well-known Master of landscape painting.” S.P Tkachev, People’s Painter of the USSR Full Member of the Russian Academy of Arts “Each Century produces specialists in a variety of areas and the 20th Century was no exception. Among the many fine artists whose work enthralls us, we always find one who stands out for some special reason. Fedor  Zacharov is just such an artist.”James G. Tylich, Lecturer, Art Critic, International Art Dealer

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Open daily from 10 to 5. Or by appointment contact Sherry Ikeda @ (559) 304-7264. Please note that we are closed the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.